What is crowdfunding
Crowdfunding (public funding, from crowdfunding, crowd is “crowd”, funding is “funding”) is a collective collaboration of people (donors) who voluntarily pool their money or other resources together, usually via the…

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Consumer vs business: why is it better not to offend a customer
If this material was intended for dishonest companies, then we could start it like this: "more than half of Russians are not ready to sue you." In a new article,…

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Design Thinking: How to Create a Product That Solves a Problem
This article is about how to create or improve a product so that it solves the problem of your audience. We will create the product using design thinking. Smart foreheads…

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Material about Brand People

Humanoid Brands

Countries, holidays, geographical features, lifestyle elements, and even weather conditions with the help of marketing have long turned into brands. Are there people brands? Yes, any number. They have long been all the significant figures of the past and present – “people and ships.”

If the stars are lit, then does anyone need this?
Vladimir Mayakovsky – “Listen”

Throw and conquer

People brands have always expressed or symbolized something: Albert Einstein – first the image of a madman, and then a scientist, Marilyn Monroe – sexual attractiveness, Ozzy Osbourne – the dark side of rock and roll, Elvis Presley – the bright side, Joseph Stalin – totalitarianism, George Washington – the struggle for independence and democracy. The image of Lenin, for example, could be used to advertise a revolutionary remedy against hair loss, and Napoleon – in advertising “royal” shoes on the platform.

“Forge” people-brands media and other currently existing means of influencing public opinion. Why do the people all these legends? Everything is very simple: people are drawn to high, you need to be equal to the great. It’s one thing – Vasya Pupkin from a neighboring entrance, another is His Majesty Vasily Pupkin. The main thing is a good sign. It is clear that the essence of the name does not change, but it can also be retouched, especially if a person has already gone to the forefathers.

Representatives of the second oldest write about how Pupkin was a good, kind and non-human intelligent person. He loved children and hamsters, didn’t eat enough, slept without waking up (in the sense, did not get enough sleep), believed in God, and daily saved the world from evil. And PR people will add that they helped him in this with the Three Crust crackers, “which are an invariable attribute of the life of a modern person,” and the Zeva toilet paper with the cat Timosha.

Victor Tamberg aka tamberg, Managing Partner, Tamberg & Badyin Brand Consulting Bureau, St. Petersburg:

– In principle, any historical figures can become brands. The key issue here is fame. A brand is just a stereotype that is hammered into the consciousness of a layman. And since famous personalities, as a rule, are known not “in general”, but in a specific field, this, together with the constant mention in the media, forms the corresponding image, and a person becomes a brand for the average person.

But in order for a brand identity to become a cult, simply fame in a certain context is not enough. The second component of the cult must be the sexual attractiveness of the character. The most vivid persons (and cult brands) of the past and present not only achieved success, but also became famous in their field, but they were also very attractive persons: Merlin Monroe, Jim Morrison, John F. Kennedy, Che Guevara.

Create a legend?

David Ogilvy believed that attracting famous people to promote brands was a waste of time and money. However, there is reason to believe that in this case the maestro was mistaken: just attracting Michael Jordan to advertise Nike brought the company about $ 2 billion. By the way, the success of such initiatives with the right approach is not an exception, but rather the rule.

It is thanks to the authority of a famous person that a product often becomes the most desirable and demanded among representatives of its target audience, but it is necessary to carefully consider all possible options for perceiving a person-brand by the public, otherwise the company may repeat the sad story of the bankrupt chips factory of our Primadonna.

In the case when the product is promoted under the name of a famous person or historical person, success is determined by how much the consumer can connect the context of consumption of the advertised brand and the famous person. A brand can correspond to a situational or role model, that is, it can either help solve problems within the framework of a particular life situation or imply a certain image of the consumer. A person can also be an expert in something (that is, correspond to a situational model) or be the embodiment of a role model. And from how these things coincide or contradict each other, we can conclude that the interaction between the brand and a famous person is successful or unsuccessful.

A simplified model of creating a human brand can be identified by three rules:

1. A person claims to be an expert in a certain field or an embodiment of a role model (for example, an expert in auto racing or a hero-lover).
2. A person is assigned the role of a preacher of some personal value in the context of a situational or role model that is significant for the target audience (authority as an expert or sexual attractiveness as a hero-lover).
3. It is necessary to completely eliminate (or suppress) the shortcomings that prevent a person from being an “eternally alive” embodiment of the chosen value (an expert in car racing cannot lose 10 seasons in a row, and a hero-lover should not be a faithful husband, even if in reality this is so)

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Material about Brand People
Humanoid Brands Countries, holidays, geographical features, lifestyle elements, and even weather conditions with the help of marketing have long turned into brands. Are there people brands? Yes, any number. They…