An Exemplary End Result

Pre-design and Programming

Arch-Edge Architects works closely with each client to identify, quantify, qualify and describe the scope of work, along with the existing and optimal spatial requirements, and functional relationships. For each project, Arch-Edge Architects offers personalized facilities planning, programming, adjacency studies, scope of work development, project scheduling, budgeting, budget analysis, project management plan development and site analysis services. Arch-Edge Architects conducts site visits, user group meetings, site inventory and investigation, and reviews the existing resources, regulatory codes, owner design and documentation standards, budget, and physical and social constraints.

Schematic Design and Design Development

Arch-Edge Architects will create a design that accomplishes the goals of the project set forth during the programming phase while also exciting the imagination. Arch-Edge Architects designs buildings meant to be woven into the fabric of the community they will be located in. Arch-Edge Architects integrates the factors that influence each project, communicating with the client throughout the design process to assure the client’s goals and ideas are represented. The Architectural Edge refines the schematic design and identifies, resolves, develops and addresses all the project specific details, systems, governing regulatory codes, preliminary cost estimate and construction criteria required to document the project for construction.

Construction Documents

Upon approval of a developed and mutually agreed upon design scenario, Arch-Edge Architects documents the developed design into construction documents (drawings and specifications) and a final cost estimate. Arch-Edge Architects incorporates aesthetic and technical design criteria jointly, creating construction documents that do not compromise important design principles or established efficient construction techniques. Arch-Edge Architects submits construction documents for plan check review, resolves issues from plan check review and assists the contractor with securing the building permit.

Bidding and Negotiation

During the bid process, Arch-Edge Architects answers contractor questions, prepares addenda, reviews substitutions, attends the pre-bid conference and executes other typical architectural criteria. Arch-Edge Architects then works with the Owner to select the “Lowest Responsible Bidder” and/or negotiating the contract for construction.

Contract Administration

During construction, Arch-Edge Architects attends the pre-construction conference and progress meetings, and monitors the construction for compliance with criteria contained in the construction documents. We also resolve unexpected issues and facilitate construction progress to assure completion in a timely manner and within budget. The Architectural Edge issues change orders and directives; reviews alternates, shop drawings, mock-ups and samples; and monitors contractor’s payments for completed work. Arch-Edge Architects anticipates conflicts and resolves them before they translate into expenses or lost time through a “one step ahead of real time construction process” analysis. Arch-Edge Architects conducts site visits and prepares progress reports, meeting agenda and meeting minutes for distribution.

Project Closeout

Arch-Edge Architects will perform a pre-final inspection with the Owner and Contractor to identify building code deficiencies and defects in the construction and establish a final schedule for project completion and occupancy. We will then perform a final inspection with the Owner and Contractor and develop a punch-list the Contractor will need to complete prior to final payment. Arch-Edge Architects and our consultants will coordinate with the Contractor and the Sub-contractors on assembling the equipment and operating manuals and ensure the Owner’s building engineers know how to operate the building.

The team at Arch-Edge Architects has the experience to direct you to a design solution that fulfills your requirements as well as your spending plan. I’m very thankful I picked to collaborate with them.

– Jeremy