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Original Magazine U-Turn Advertising

One of the most popular and sought after advertisements is print advertising.

As you know, the most profitable placement of information about a product or service is on the first and last pages. To put your advertisement there, you need to pay a lot of money, but manufacturers and companies are ready for a lot, if only their product became popular and recognizable.

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1 DHL Advertising (Post Company)
2 Smuckers Advertising (jam maker)
3 MacBook Ads
4 Sul America advertising (insurance)
5 Thinh Furniture Advertising (Furniture Production)
6 Adidas Advertising (Sportswear)
7 Clinique advertising (cosmetics production)
8 Arcor advertising (chewing gum)
9 Tanning salons
10 WMF Advertising (Cookware Production)
11 Seat Car Advertising

A magazine spread is not only a profitable place for advertising, but also provides a wide field for imagination and activity. U-turn photographs can be placed so that they look very unusual and original. According to studies, advertising in the press affects consumers a little more positively than advertising in other places. Advertising in the press is unobtrusive, and at the same time effective.

We have selected the most original and interesting, in our opinion, ways of placing advertising information on the spreads of glossy magazines.

DHL Advertising (Post Company)

This ad focuses on how quickly and without problems you can get your package. The “trick” of advertising in a transparent sheet on which the package is depicted. Turning this sheet back and forth, the drawn parcel, as it were, passes into the hands of the recipient.

Smuckers Advertising (jam maker)
Here, advertisers used another popular trick – the use of famous characters in advertising. The characters of the jam advertising were the characters of the Sesame Street children’s educational program.

Insurance Sul America takes care that its customers do not spend money where it can be saved, and offers health insurance. Turning over the page with this advertisement, it seems as if you have torn a bill, which is depicted in a certain way, so to speak, in pieces. The company’s slogan is: “Even if you accidentally broke the dollar, Sul America will not let you go broke.”

Thinh Furniture Advertising (Furniture Production)

And this advertisement will surely appeal to those who love a variety of paper crafts. By expanding the page, you get miniature models of a chair, table or wall shelves. Perhaps Thinh Furniture wanted to show by this that making furniture for them is as easy as turning a magazine page.

Solarium advertising
This ad is not placed on a spread, but on two pages, one after another. This method is also often used when advertising information should not be presented all at once, but in portions. The reader looks at the first page, the information on which is intended to intrigue. Usually, the name of the company or the name of the advertised product are not indicated on the first page of the advertisement. You turn the page and see the “clue”.

This solarium advertisement successfully used this concept. The first black and white page says: “Look at this page – it is directed towards the light of the sun.” On the second page, the image is already colored (the poppies have turned red, the sky is blue, the grass is green), and the inscription: “See what benefit you can get from it.”

WMF Advertising (Cookware Production)
Every cook in the kitchen knows that for a beautiful cut you need perfectly even and identical pieces. At the front of the magazine are two mirrored photographs that show how accurately products can be cut using WMF knives.

Seat car advertisement
The principle of this advertisement is based on the same as the MacBook advertisement described above. The reader is invited to test on himself how this or that product will look in his hands. If you got a magazine containing such an advertisement, you can literally “take the wheel” and feel like you are driving a car.

Adidas Advertising (Sportswear)

This ad is very simple, but also very original. Images of girls in sportswear are located exactly in the center of the headland. Since the athletes are captured in certain poses, when turning over, it seems that they are doing physical exercises.

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