how do I do work that I don’t want to do
We think we are sentient beings. We even believe that we have a certain “I” that has constant and unchanging qualities. Allegedly, today we are “I”, yesterday it was him,…

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And again about creativity

Reverse side of the creative

In the great and powerful Russian language, there was no exact analogue to the overseas word “creative”. Creative is an abstract concept, something that cannot be touched, replaced by any computer program, the creative is not understood, they laugh at it, they admire it or envy it with gritted teeth. Is creative always useful, how necessary is it, and how to create in such a way that you are not only understood, but admired by your work, says Perspective.

Creativity (from the English. Creativity – “creativity”) is the result of creative labor. According to another, more common version, creative (from the English create – create) is the creative component of advertising. In the form of kreatiff (kriatiff) the word is very popular in blogs and youth subcultures.

According to the national Wikipedia encyclopedia, the term first appears on October 3, 1995 in the newspaper Segodnya in an article by Natalya Krotova, “Menatep Group: Buy Everything Russian!”:

“Previously, a Finnish company made packaging for Koloss … Now the plant works with Russian packaging manufacturers, whose creativity is at a very low level.”
Creativity – the creative abilities of an individual, characterized by a willingness to generate fundamentally new unusual ideas that deviate from traditional or accepted patterns of thinking, and are included in the giftedness structure as an independent factor, as well as the ability to solve problems that arise inside static systems.

End justifies the means?

Sometimes a real masterpiece slips among the banal videos on the box – you look and admire – everything in this advertisement, as it should be, is beautiful – the idea, the text, and the video … The only thing that is not clear is what product this video advertises. That is, on the one hand, the advertisement is noticeable, original and is sure to continue its life in KVN or Comedy, on the other hand, only its bright form is remembered, and the product itself remains in the shade.

If the advertising is image-building, then the effect can be said to be achieved, but if not, it becomes clear that the profit was sacrificed to the creative – a rare case, I must say. As a rule, it happens the other way around, or, moreover, the creative is sacrificed to the “economy, which should be economical” or to the advertiser’s erroneous ideas. But, apparently, the situation is changing: if this goes so, soon the goals will be “safe” and the advertisers are “full”. Increasingly, customers are asking for “everyone to get rid of with delight.” The creative is gradually coming out of sleep mode (“posting paid – video is free”) and becomes the main point of application of advertising efforts.

Vladimir Evstafiev, Chairman of the Committee of Experts on the Assessment of the Advertising Market, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia:

– Creative advertising much more effectively affects the consumer than a thousand-fold grinding – “with us – all the best”, “buy”, “win”. I am glad that new ideas are constantly being born – here is a new advertising medium: the roof of the bus.

White-collar workers traditionally drink tea or coffee on the roofs of the City of London. And the famous double-decker buses ply the narrow streets. Someone came up with advertisements for office equipment and new economic magazines designed specifically for this audience on the roofs of these buses.

In order for the advertisement not to annoy, but to work, it is necessary to place it where it can be really useful.


Today it is generally accepted that in the USSR there was no sex and creativity. In the late 1980s, the Tavri commercial received a prize at the Cannes Advertising Festival:

A young man rides late through the forest. The weather is terrible – heavy rain, mud, puddles. And suddenly gasoline runs out. Having understood what was happening, the driver takes out a gas lighter, squeezes a couple of drops into the tank – and leaves. Tagline: “Tavria is a very economical car.”

Do not wait for the muse!

Often, creative appears where it, it would seem, cannot be. And this is not always good for the cause. This, of course, is not about creativity in financial statements or paperwork, which is unlikely to please anyone, but about the banal performance of boring black work: there are sometimes problems with creators and creators – they think that “you can’t exchange for nothing ”

A year ago, at the forum of student mass media, my attention was drawn to the StudyUm newspaper, which was strikingly different from other publications. Among the boring, semi-official university newspapers, it was a sip of positive. In the end, I won the battle with other members of the jury about giving StudyUm the first place and invited the editor and layout designer of this newspaper for an interview.

When we met, it turned out that the guys were insanely creative personalities, full of amazing ideas, but … The layout designer did not know how to work quickly and did not know “Design” – he had to part with him. I took the editor as a correspondent.

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how do I do work that I don’t want to do
We think we are sentient beings. We even believe that we have a certain “I” that has constant and unchanging qualities. Allegedly, today we are “I”, yesterday it was him,…