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How to protect yourself from a fraudulent employer

Despite the versatility and variability of the labor market (homeworkers, distance workers, and so on), most of our compatriots, awakening themselves with hot coffee and courageously withstanding the crush in minibuses, rush to work in the morning. Everything is according to the rules: the Labor Code is in force, labor protection standards are observed, there is a good / bad team and New Year’s corporate parties. This is the work that someone has been looking for a long time, someone hates, someone goes to work every day with the thought that she / he works there. This is part of our life that we value and try to be just good employees. But does the employer always try to be good? In this article we will tell you when an employee needs to keep an eye out so as not to fall on the hook of unscrupulous employers
Do not fall into slavery of your own free will

There are situations when the employer asks the employees to work additionally, promises to pay well, calls the amount pleasant for the ears and heart of the employee. Only there is a lot of work, even too much, but the desire to earn is great and the employee agrees.

Example: female waitresses worked in a summer cafe. Believing that they could earn extra money and pay for their studies, they agreed to additional work. The working day lasted until 16-17 hours, in addition to the main work, the girls had to do cleaning, washing dishes, working in the kitchen. When the time came to pay salaries, the employer paid as much as was specified in the employment contract. The girls complained to the labor inspectorate, but the audit did not reveal any violations. Additional work was not recorded anywhere and did not find confirmation.

What to do: never agree to additional loads without signing an additional agreement to the employment contract, which will stipulate all working conditions and wages.

Employer may discriminate against sex workers

Salary realities often differ from official statistics not in favor of the employee. In order to somehow keep the workers, the employer, if he is constrained in means, goes to small, as it seems to him, tricks. Men are paid a little more than women. Reason: a man needs to feed his family. And the woman, as it were, is not necessary at all.

Despite the fact that discrimination is prohibited by the criminal code, not a single criminal case has been instituted on the fact of discrimination against workers. Law enforcement agencies send discrimination materials to the labor inspectorate because the Labor Code also prohibits it. There is a rule in the law: equal pay is established for work of equal value. Knowing this, the employer can go on tricks: the salary will be the same, and the right people will be charged with a raising coefficient, which will be written in the supplementary agreement, or it will establish a stimulating bonus on far-fetched grounds.

What to do: try to influence the employer through the union, if there is one in the organization, contact the immediate supervisor for clarification, show by any means that you understand the reason for the unequal payment. It is likely that the employer, remembering responsibility, will prefer not to get involved and put things in order with the remuneration in the organization.

Do you definitely work here?

The ingenuity of some employers is sometimes surprising. Let’s talk about the girl Elena, who worked in a cafe where sushi was made. She worked for three years, with a good salary for an external student. There was an employment contract, but some doubts arose and did not give her rest.

Lena came to the department of the pension fund and asked for a certificate of insurance contributions transferred for her by the employer (anyone can apply to the fund with such a request). A few days later, a certificate was prepared for her, and she discovered that contributions for three years were paid 0 rubles.

Then she went to the tax office, where she also found out that the employer (who by law is the tax agent of the employee) did not pay any taxes for her. The employer did not hesitate to give her an employment contract, but hid her and several others as workers from official bodies. Despite the fact that the organization is checked by the tax inspectorate, and the Pension Fund regularly checks, the documents of a number of employees simply do not show.

The employer acts so boldly, so brazenly.

What to do: through a court, oblige the employer to recognize the relationship as labor and pay insurance premiums for a given period. Further relations with such an employer are unlikely to work out. But it is not necessary.

“Do I owe you something?”

“Do I owe you something? You do not work for us, ”your employer will tell you after a month or two of work. Over the past ten years, if not more, a wave of such “jobs” has swept across the country. The employee gets a job, brings the necessary documents, he is told that you can start work. Documents are either taken, but not executed, or not taken at all (“now there is no time, here the personnel officer will be free, you will come” and the like).

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