About the oddities of advertising
Advertising pathology In pseudoscientific circles, it is generally accepted that advertising is a widespread virus that develops under the influence of the microbes reklamus agentus, which, in combination with congenital…

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how do I do work that I don’t want to do
We think we are sentient beings. We even believe that we have a certain “I” that has constant and unchanging qualities. Allegedly, today we are “I”, yesterday it was him,…

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Freelance: Pros and Cons
The modern labor market offers job seekers many work options and conditions on which to carry out their professional activities. Not so long ago, the word "freelance" appeared in our…

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Transformation of a hobby into a business. How not to do

Why did you suddenly decide that you can make money on Bentley by knitting slippers or SMM? We choke the initiative in the bud. Check the settings of “objective reality”.

We were present at a historic moment. Before our eyes, the Soviet and post-Soviet career paradigm finally died. If in the Soviet version the ideal looked like a “work book with a single record” or progressive growth in line with the nomenclature system, and in the post-Soviet one it looked like a career in a Western corporation, now we are dealing with completely different values.

Wage labor – with a light hand Kiyosaki – declared occupation losers. A mobile coffee shop is better, but its own than a post at Gazprom. Better capitalization of their talents than the measured life of the clerk or the nervous life of the top. Risk and individualism are good; dependency on the employer and labor relations are bad. The result of this approach was the fermentation of minds, expressed in the cosmic number of startups and microbusinesses. Yesterday’s clerks began to see and discover remarkable strengths within themselves. And the most important thing is to gain confidence that by “doing what they love,” they will be able to lead the lifestyle of retired billionaires.

Belief in your own strength is, of course, the engine of any business. But are radical turns in career and lifestyle always justified? Rather, they are always justified, but how timely are they?

Even if you can do everything in principle, you should choose one direction in which you are really strong
Even if you can do everything in principle, you should choose one direction in which you are really strong
The inexorable statistics that I keep for myself testify: the number of requests for advice from those who want to leave wage labor is approximately equal to the number of requests from those who want to go back. So let’s try to trim your wings in advance with a few simple questions.

Are you really the best on the market? And why is your product / service better than the same, but performed by a large and well-known corporation? Why is it better than other entrepreneurs?
It’s corny to remind, but still. Are you really ready for the changes in the standard of living? After all, there are all kinds of times in business. Today you are an employee and you choose between Lafite and Clicquot, and tomorrow you are a free person, but then you choose between the “Monastery izba” and champagne “MKSHV”.
Do you really want to sell something? Constantly, hourly, without days off.
Download these three thoughts into the brain and live with them for 3-4 days. How do you like this?

Ok, I agree, no one can objectively evaluate point 1, but it may not be necessary. It’s enough to understand that your prices are reasonable and you have an initial feed base – a circle of “warm” clients from which you can start. On the other hand, complete carefreeness here is also unforgivable. If you do not know the competitors and cannot clearly show the client the benefits of working with you, nothing good will come of it. More precisely, the first steps to promote your knitted slippers, homemade cakes, SMM services will almost certainly be difficult, but if you did not come up with the very same UTP – everything will be even more complicated.

Another obvious thing that most converts are not aware of. Suppose you were an employee. And they worked in a certain company. In addition to you, there were sellers, accountants, lawyers, and, which is typical – the CEO. Okay You left the company and became a free marketer \ SEO \ SMM \ HR … – and who did you think? (Spoiler: every first thinks only by the CEO).

So, the last thing you became general. And first of all – the seller and the accountant. Plus, everyone else, up to the security officer and the logistician.

You are now your own and sales, and marketer, and that guy with a shovel too
You are now your own and sales, and marketer, and that guy with a shovel too
In your opinion, how much time in this situation will remain on the main business? And did you really crave, say, to communicate with the tax, to understand the dreary accounting schemes, to delve into the intricacies of social media marketing? Yes, you don’t want to know anything about the cost of a single impression, advertising targeting and CSS. Do you want to knit slippers.

But there it was. Everything that was previously successfully outsourced to colleagues from the relevant departments of your company is now your daily work. “To hell with everything!”, One well-known character smiles from the cover, “take it and do it!”

Yes, take it and do it, but first take it as an axiom that the number of possible fails you will increase exponentially. For the simple reason that the number of their potential sources will increase.

There was only one source for hired work – your immediate function. Now you can do the same job with equal success in the main function, in accounting, in logistics, and in sales. And the consequences will be much harder than with hired work: your business so far simply does not have a margin of stability.

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