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Personal online reputation
Who cares about managing your online reputation? There are three categories of people depending on their purpose of being on the Internet: Entrepreneurs who promote themselves and their personal business…

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What is crowdfunding
Crowdfunding (public funding, from crowdfunding, crowd is “crowd”, funding is “funding”) is a collective collaboration of people (donors) who voluntarily pool their money or other resources together, usually via the…

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Interesting facts about Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and many people already know that it was originally created as a medicine and sold in pharmacies. The creator…

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Consumer vs business: why is it better not to offend a customer

If this material was intended for dishonest companies, then we could start it like this: “more than half of Russians are not ready to sue you.” In a new article, we talk about the real situation in the modern confrontation between dissatisfied customers and business and give advice on how to avoid possible problems with consumers
To understand how Russians relate to protecting their consumer rights, reconnaissance in battle alone was not enough. It turned out that every business owner sees only what is related to his product or service. The phenomenon is obvious – if I make dice to order, I see how they are used literally everywhere. Everywhere you look, dice are everywhere! I, as the general director of the guaranteed litigation financing service, saw only my clients – those who are simply eager to protect their consumer rights and punish the company-violator. Continue reading

About Provocative Marketing

Provocative Marketing: The Art of Surprising

Modern media space is oversaturated with advertising messages just like the streets of a metropolis with noise and rattle. Depending on the lifestyle in one day, a resident of Moscow receives from 500 to 2000 advertising messages from a variety of sources. In order to reach the consumer, advertising specialists have long waged a real war for the attention of the audience. Recently, a new type of weapon of mass destruction, provocative marketing, has been introduced into hostilities.

Partisans and provocations

Provocative marketing is a special type of event or even market positioning of companies, which differs from standard advertising technologies primarily by the unusual solutions. Some experts even identify Continue reading

About the oddities of advertising

Advertising pathology

In pseudoscientific circles, it is generally accepted that advertising is a widespread virus that develops under the influence of the microbes reklamus agentus, which, in combination with congenital diseases of directus idiotus, can provoke very serious disorders in the business body.

So what are you complaining about?

Running a business without ads is like winking at girls in total darkness.
Stuart Henderson Britt, American Psychologist Continue reading

Material about Brand People

Humanoid Brands

Countries, holidays, geographical features, lifestyle elements, and even weather conditions with the help of marketing have long turned into brands. Are there people brands? Yes, any number. They have long been all the significant figures of the past and present – “people and ships.”

If the stars are lit, then does anyone need this?
Vladimir Mayakovsky – “Listen”

Throw and conquer

People brands have always expressed or symbolized something: Albert Einstein – first the image of a madman, and then a scientist, Marilyn Monroe – sexual attractiveness, Ozzy Osbourne – the dark side of rock and roll, Elvis Presley – the bright side, Joseph Stalin – totalitarianism, George Washington – the struggle for independence and democracy. The image of Lenin, for example, could be used to advertise a revolutionary remedy against hair loss, and Napoleon – in advertising “royal” shoes on the platform. Continue reading

And again about creativity

Reverse side of the creative

In the great and powerful Russian language, there was no exact analogue to the overseas word “creative”. Creative is an abstract concept, something that cannot be touched, replaced by any computer program, the creative is not understood, they laugh at it, they admire it or envy it with gritted teeth. Is creative always useful, how necessary is it, and how to create in such a way that you are not only understood, but admired by your work, says Perspective.

Creativity (from the English. Creativity – “creativity”) is the result of creative labor. According to another, more common version, creative (from the English create – create) is the creative component of advertising. In the form of kreatiff (kriatiff) the word is very popular in blogs and youth subcultures. Continue reading

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