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Design Thinking: How to Create a Product That Solves a Problem
This article is about how to create or improve a product so that it solves the problem of your audience. We will create the product using design thinking. Smart foreheads…

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Custom Business Solutions
One of the main goals of big business is to be at least one step ahead of its competitors. This will ensure the emergence of new customers, new sales and…

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How and why to request user opinions on a site: CSAT guide
In order to find out customers' opinions about the business, they use different rating systems, including CSAT - customer satisfaction score, that is, customer satisfaction index. It works very simply:…

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How to use digital detox for your business

According to the magazine Consumer Reports, the average person sees 247 advertising messages per day. And these are just conservative estimates. The publication Business Journal Phoenix increases this indicator to 600, and the public organization Union of Concerned Scientists even calls the figure 3000. Just think about it, you receive hundreds or even thousands of advertising messages in one form or another every day. In order not to go crazy and concentrate on important information, you unconsciously do not notice 90% of advertising. And when the remaining 10% is greatly reached, you can arrange a digital detox for yourself: refuse to use the Internet, a computer and a smartphone for a week or two. Continue reading

Personal online reputation

Who cares about managing your online reputation?
There are three categories of people depending on their purpose of being on the Internet:

Entrepreneurs who promote themselves and their personal business through the Internet.
Their income depends on their reputation. And besides this, the image they create will attract the appropriate type of customers. Continue reading

Pros of procrastination or when procrastination is beneficial

Procrastination – putting off important and urgent matters, replacing them with something insignificant, but pleasant or very significant, but not urgent. It is she who is considered the worst enemy of productivity. Just imagine: you need to send a letter to a business partner, but you are sitting on social networks and see photos of a former neighbor. Or you need to urgently agree with suppliers, and you read the article on logistics, justifying yourself by the importance of self-education. As a result, the work is worth it, the deadline is approaching, and you are tormented by guilty feelings for the time spent.

But it turns out that this coin has another side: often procrastination benefits you and opens the door to success. To see its advantages, let’s see why people tend to put things off? According to J. Ferrari of Carleton University, as many as 20% of the world’s inhabitants are distracted by extraneous problems so as not to solve the important tasks they are facing right now. Agree, from the point of view of evolution, Continue reading

Demarketing – what is it and when is it used? Real life examples

Demarketing is a type of marketing aimed at reducing demand among the entire target audience or its specific groups. Wait, but why reduce demand – you have to rejoice that things are going uphill! However, not all so simple. In what cases you can’t do without demarketing, read our article.

Table of contents:
Demarketing, decay and hopelessness
Why does demand exceed supply?
How does this threaten the entrepreneur?
Types of Demarketing Continue reading

Do I need to develop a development strategy for modern business?

The word “strategy” in Russian business practice has overgrown with numerous myths, the most ardent distributors of which, according to our observations, are people who have never developed a strategy. One of the main complaints about business strategy is that the classic strategic toolkit developed many years ago, during the industrial revolution, and is unsuitable for the current digital age. I will try to show that this is not so.

The dissemination of ideas of abandoning strategy as a managerial tool in Russia was facilitated by Nassim Tallleb with his “black swan”.

The idea of ​​a “black swan”, that is, an unpredictable external factor, was liked by entrepreneurs because Continue reading

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